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Pacific Fishing, the business magazine for fishermen, is pleased to announce veteran fisheries journalist Wesley Loy will assume the editor’s chair of the 35-year-old media enterprise. Read more here.


Halibut prices are back in the nose bleed range, near to or topping $7/lb at major ports.

– Pacific Fishing columnist Laine Welch, reporting for Alaska Fish Radio

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Wesley Loy takes helm of Pacific Fishing

A highly regarded Alaska based journalist has been chosen as the new editor of "Pacific Fishing" magazine.


More: kdlg.org

SE Alaska pinks exceed expectations

Biologists predicted a harvest of about 22 million pounds of fish but fishermen were able to catch about 32 million pounds.


More: kfsk.org

Seafood coalition sets policies

The Sustainable Seafood Coalition (SSC), a coalition of major seafood suppliers, brands, supermarkets and restaurants has agreed and published two codes of conduct guiding their environmental labelling and sourcing policies. 

– Fishupdate.com

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Opinion: Boost Bristol Bay's local participation

A lack of local young people entering the industry coupled with the loss of local access and participation in the fishery is disconcerting for many reasons.

– The Bristol Bay Times

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Company defends B.C. spill response

Imperial Metals says it's taking significant steps to stop the discharge of effluent and sediment from the collapse of its Mount Polley Mine from entering Quesnel Lake.

– Vancouver Sun

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Unprecedented drying for CA river

The Eel River has gone so dry where the river runs through Fortuna that the water is no longer coming to the surface, something never known to have happened before this close to the ocean on the main stem.

– Times-Standard

More: times-standard.com

Colossal squid offers 'spectacular opportunity'

It was a calm morning in Antarctica's remote Ross Sea, during the season when the sun never sets, when Capt. John Bennett and his crew hauled up a creature with tentacles like fire hoses and eyes like dinner plates from a mile below the surface.

– SFGate

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