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Alaska salmon permits in many fisheries have tripled in value since 2002 and the upward trend continues.

– Pacific Fishing columnist Laine Welch, writing in SitNews, Ketchikan

More: sitnews.us

Putin OKs guns in Arctic

Speaking to his top national security aides, Putin highlighted the need for an enhanced security presence in Russian Arctic territories.

– Barents Observer

More: barentsobserver.com

Herring prices too low

At least one expert thinks the price may be so low this year, it won't be worth fishing.

– Mike Mason, KDLG, Dillingham

More: alaskapublic.org

Explosive rock in Unalaska

The city has canceled a $3.9 million contract with Northern Alaska to expand the landfill, after workers found evidence of explosive material in heaps of rock recycled from the wastewater treatment plant site.

– KUCB, Unalaska

More: kucb.org

Setnet ban in high court

A group looking to ban commercial setnet fishing in urban Alaska took its challenge to state Superior Court, hoping a judge will overturn a decision by the lieutenant governor to not let a voter initiative head to the ballot.

– Alaska Dispatch

More: alaskadispatch.com

Bristol Bay elections

The 2014 BBRSDA board election is complete and the votes counted. In Seat C, incumbent board member Fritz Johnson ran unopposed and retained his seat. In Seat F, incumbent John Fairbanks received 143 votes and challenger Larry Kenneth Christensen received 207.
Larry will assume his board seat effective Saturday, June 7, at the BBRSDA Annual Meeting to be held in Naknek.


More: bbrsda.com

Lisa not friend of fishing

Gov. Sean Parnell's House Bill 77 proved to be very unpopular Alaska wide, yet at the national level Sen. Lisa Murkowski is now supporting similar policy and siding with corporate interests over everyday Alaskans.

– Anchorage Daily News

More: adn.com

Poached ling cod

Illegal catches of lingcod, a bottom-dwelling whitefish sometimes marketed as a substitute for pricey halibut, have netted a small fishing company a $12,000 fine and three years' probation, state officials said.

– Alaska Dispatch

More: alaskadispatch.com

Smart farmed fish

The Kuterra farm, the first land-based commercial Atlantic salmon farm in North America, marks Earth Day by bringing to market Canada's first Atlantic salmon raised on land.

– Canadian News Wire

More: stream1.newswire.ca

Oregon Pacific REFI Act nears

Rep. Peter DeFazio, D-Springfield, says chances are good that HR 2464, better known as the Pacific REFI Act, will make it out of committee and be voted into law.

– Coos Bay World

More: theworldlink.com

Splitting Klamath water

Cattle ranchers and Indian tribes who long fought over scarce water in Oregon's Upper Klamath Basin have signed an agreement to share access to rivers and cooperate on restoring habitat for endangered fish the tribes hold sacred.

– Coos Bay World

More: theworldlink.com