Monday, March 05, 2012

Purse seiners out of SE herring fishery

Alaska’s Board of Fisheries voted to take purse seiners out of a Ketchikan-area herring fishery.

– KRBD, Ketchikan

A record Klamath run?

More than 1.6 million fall Chinook salmon are in the ocean and finning their way toward Northern California's Klamath River, and that's the best news Southern Oregon offshore anglers could hear this year.

– Medford Mail Tribune

Klamath fish kill coming?

Humboldt County officials and the Hoopa Valley Tribe are saying a fish kill on the Klamath is possible this year if the government doesn't release more water from the Trinity River.

– Eureka Times Standard

Stop Chuitna strip mine

Some folks from Texas want to strip-mine the Chuitna River watershed on the west side of Cook Inlet so they can send coal to China.

– Juneau Empire


Cable snaps, kills man

A 39-year-old man died aboard a fishing vessel on Thursday after being struck by a snapped cable.

– Pacific Fishing columnist Alexandra Gutierrez, reporting for KUCB, Unalaska

Rescue off Brookings

The 38-foot fishing vessel Njord had taken on approximately two feet of water when a distress call was received by the Coast Guard at 11:42 a.m.

– Coast Guard

Fishermen lobby for Tongass

A group of Alaska commercial fishermen, anglers, guides, naturalists, and tour operators are in Washington, D.C., this week to advocate for more conservation and restoration of fish habitat in the Tongass National Forest in Southeast Alaska.

– Trout Unlimited

Good Sam rescues crew near Kodiak

The Cyclone was sinking about 20 miles southeast of Kodiak Friday. The watchstanders immediately issued an urgent marine information broadcast notice to all mariners in the area to assist the Cyclone crew.

– Coast Guard

Pebble report suits miners

As leaders of Alaska-based organizations representing the interests of Bristol Bay residents, commercial fishermen, and sportsmen throughout the state, we want to provide some perspective on the unveiling of the "Environmental Baseline Documents" by the Pebble Limited Partnership in a series of presentations that will be occurring across our region over the coming weeks and months.

– Dutch Harbor Fisherman

Halibut fight moves ashore

The fight over halibut fishing allocations have come ashore, and landed with a major thud.

– CTV News, Victoria


Tuesday, March 06, 2012


Revenues and efficiency have climbed substantially over the last year for West Coast commercial fishers trawling for whiting and other valuable groundfish under the catch shares programme, according to preliminary data from the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS).


Sea lion judge won’t budge

Federal Judge Timothy Burgess declined to lift controversial commercial fishing restrictions the federal government imposed to protect endangered Steller sea lions in the Aleutians.

– Pacific Fishing columnist Wesley Loy, reporting on his blog: Deckboss

Moveable marine reserves?

Researchers from Stanford University in California suggest that marine protected reserves would work much better if they were moveable and not fixed conservation areas based around static points such as coral reefs and seamounts.

– Practical Fishkeeping, U.K.

Salmon win Cal victory

California salmon and salmon fishermen won in federal court when the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit said the federal water project is obliged to provide enough water to double the salmon population.

– San Francisco Chronicle

Alaska fisherman medevaced

A Coast Guard Air Station Kodiak MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter crew medevaced a 47-year-old man from the fishing vessel Alaska Ocean approximately 50 miles north of Cold Bay Monday.

– Coast Guard

Professor takes fight to Australia

Hilborn released a paper, titled Australian Seafood Consumers Misled by Prophets of Gloom and Doom, that questions the motives of non-government organizations (NGOs) in perpetuating myths about the sustainability of Australian fisheries.

– Donnybrookmail, Australia

Dillingham looks to annex Nushagak

If Dillingham voters approve annexation of the waters of the Nushagak Commercial Salmon District in April, fishermen who own property within the city of Dillingham will get a break on the potential 2.5 percent fish tax set for concurrent approval.

– Dutch Harbor Fisherman

Ketchikan against harbor improvements

The Ketchikan City Council Thursday night rejected a proposal to put a $10 million bond proposition before voters. The bond proposition would have been used to pay for harbor improvements.

– KRBD, Ketchikan


Wednesday, March 07, 2012


Sea ice is wreaking havoc on the Bering Sea snow crab harvest for the second time this season.

– KUCB, Unalaska

Gathering deckhand information

The information would be valuable to fishing communities, but the practicalities of gathering the data are, so far, insurmountable.

– KMXT, Kodiak

CG aviator declared innocent

The Sitka-based Coast Guard aviator was facing charges of negligent homicide and destruction of government property in connection with a 2010 helicopter crash. He also faced charges of dereliction of duty.

– KCAW, Sitka

Cable snaps, man medevaced

A second commercial fisherman off Alaska has been struck by a snapped cable in a five-day period.

– KTUU, Anchorage

Be afraid!

It looks like 2012 will be the year of two salmons: one a genetically altered "frankenfish" currently under review by the Food and Drug Administration, and the other an inhabitant of one of the world's last great wild salmon runs, which is unfortunately situated atop a whole lot of copper and gold deposits.

– Huffington Post

Student visa change worries fish packers

The U.S. State Department program that allows foreign college students to come to America and work for the summer is in danger of going away suddenly, leaving seafood processing operations in Kodiak and elsewhere around Alaska in a lurch.

– KMXT, Kodiak

Named to national fish committee

Secretary of Commerce John Bryson has announced the appointment of seven new advisors to NOAA's Marine Fisheries Advisory Committee, bringing the group's membership to the full complement of 21. New members are Julie Bonney, Kodiak; Dick M. Brame, Wilmington, N.C.; Michele Longo Eder, Newport; Elizabeth (Liz) Hamilton, Oregon City; Micah McCarty, Neah Bay; Robert Rheault, Wakefield, R.I.; and Pamela Yochem, San Diego.

Fishermen, be more visible

"You never see a fisherman in the halls with a button saying 'I love fish.' The impact is the squeaky wheel gets the grease. You have to be involved to make your presentation."

– Cordova Times

Bill threatens otter exclusion

Legislation introduced into Congress threatens to scuttle a deal to end a quarter-century exclusion of sea otters from Southern California waters.

– Mercury News

Black cod or butterfish?

Boston-area celebrity chef Ming Tsai appears to be on a campaign to rename Alaska sablefish.

– Anchorage Daily News


Thursday, March 08, 2012


Salmon fisheries in California and Oregon look particularly promising, due primarily to good river conditions, and excellent ocean conditions, for salmon.

– Pacific Fishery Management Council

Solar storm fouls navigation

A strong geomagnetic storm is racing from the Sun toward Earth, and its expected arrival on Thursday could affect power grids, airplane routes, and space-based satellite navigation systems.

– Reuters

Protect Tongass salmon

The ex-vessel value of salmon caught commercially in Southeast Alaska in 2011 exceeded that of all other regions, including Bristol Bay for the first time since statehood.

– Juneau Empire

Fish Board and gear conflicts

A Yakutat-area lodge-owner has lost a battle over salmon allocations after it appeared that he had won. It's just one of the conflicts between user groups that came before Alaska's Board of Fisheries.

– KCAW, Sitka

Fish farm disease spreads

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has confirmed an outbreak of salmon virus at a commercial Nova Scotia fish farm.


Seiner buyback set for vote

Owners of 379 Southeast seine permits will vote this spring on whether to take out a $13.1 million loan to purchase 64 permits.

– KRBD, Ketchikan

Japanese radiation in Alaska

Now, the United States Geological Survey has issued a report releasing their final data and, as expected, some of the highest levels of radiation were detected at Alaska sites.

– Pacific Fishing columnist Alexandra Gutierrez, reporting for KUCB, Unalaska

False Pass fuel spill

Approximately 3,468 gallons of unleaded gasoline were lost from the 30,610-gallon capacity tank, which was gauged at 12,325 gallons at the end of January. The spill is contained within the lined containment area.

– Pacific Fishing columnist Wesley Loy, reporting on his blog: Deckboss

Norwegians met by anti-fish farmers

A top-level parliamentary delegation from Norway was met by fish-farm protesters in Victoria, and more demonstrations are expected when they head to Quadra Island.

– Victoria Times Colonist


Friday, March 09, 2012


Comox Harbor was packed with commercial fishermen earlier this week as the Pacific Roe Herring Fishery opened for business.


Alaska herring fleet ready

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game has issued a revised quota for this spring's Sitka Sound sac roe herring fishery — 28,829 tons.

– Pacific Fishing columnist Wesley Loy, reporting on his blog: Deckboss

Japan nukes stay shut

All but two of Japan's 54 commercial reactors have gone offline since the nuclear disaster a year ago, set off by an earthquake and tsunami, and it is not clear when they can be restarted.

– Minneapolis Star Tribune

Radioactivity in Japan fish

South Korea is finding radioactive materials in fishery products from Japan with increased frequency but has no immediate plans to ban imports as the radiation levels are far below safety limits, the Yonhap News Agency reported Thursday, citing an unidentified inspection agency official.

– Japan Times

A cut in tsunami preparedness

The federal government is proposing at least a million dollar reduction in funding for tsunami programs in Alaska.

– KUCB, Unalaska

Alaska Fisheries Report

Coming up this week, potential changes to the foreign student work program could mean big trouble for Alaska's canneries this summer; longliners and the charter fleet reach a rare compromise in Southeast; and the Fish Board chairman said there was nothing improper with his accepting room and board for a meeting in his own town.

– KMXT, Kodiak

SE divers off geoducks

The local commercial dive fleet is sitting out yet another geoduck opening due to high levels of paralytic shellfish poisoning. The closures come at a time when geoduck prices are at all-time highs.

– KRBD, Ketchikan

Bering Sea medevac I

A Kodiak-based MH-65 Dolphin helicopter crew medevaced a fisherman from the 314-foot Seattle-based fishing vessel Arctic Storm 63 miles west of Cold.

– Coast Guard

Bering Sea medevac II

A Coast Guard Air Station Kodiak MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter crew medevaced a fisherman from the 310-foot fishing vessel Northern Hawk southeast of St. Paul.

– Coast Guard

New chief at NW fisheries center

John E. Stein, deputy director and current acting director of NOAA's Northwest Fisheries Science Center in Seattle, has been named the new permanent director of the Center, the agency announced March 7, 2012.


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