Monday, March 19, 2012


Department of Fish and Game is providing some relief by opening an additional area to fishing.

– Pacific Fishing columnist Wesley Loy, reporting on his blog: Deckboss

Reasons for deadly CG crash

A failure to observe altitude restrictions and maintain situational awareness at low altitudes and high speeds are among six factors the Coast Guard says contributed to the fatal crash of a MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter near La Push, Wash., July 7, 2010.

– Coast Guard

Pebble Mine backers have their say

Consistent with our promise to be open with Alaskans, the Pebble Partnership recently released its Environmental Baseline Document. While not required to present this information publicly, we did this to reinforce our commitment to responsible, sustainable development.

– Anchorage Daily News

Fishermen rally in D.C.

Fishermen from California to New England plan to rally for their struggling industry in Washington with an election year message for Congress: Helping the fishing industry will save jobs.

– Fox News

Forging Columbia River seasons

It's a long process — and a long-winded one — that leads to the summer and fall salmon fishing dates and rules for the Columbia River.

– Vancouver (Wash.) Columbian

Former minister:
Don't mess with fisheries act

A former Progressive Conservative fisheries minister urged the Harper government to reject private sector appeals, which are particularly loud in Western Canada, to water down the federal Fisheries Act.

– Victoria Times Colonist

Shut down shrimp fishery?

The Alaska Board of Fisheries will consider dozens of shellfish proposals during its meeting at the Hilton Anchorage.

– Pacific Fishing columnist Wesley Loy, reporting on his blog: Deckboss

Japan heading our way

Somewhere west of here — bobbing and oscillating in the ocean currents — are bits of Japanese villages, washed to sea by last year's tsunami.

– Coos Bay World


Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Two fishery scientists have predicted a collapse in the West Coast sardine population based on several factors that parallel the fishery's dramatic collapse in the mid-1900s.

– Pacific Fishing correspondent Cassandra Marie Profita in her public radio blog: Ecotrope

Oregon river bar re-opens despite sunken ship

The U.S. Coast Guard opened the Yaquina River bar on Sunday, even though they're not sure of the location of the wreckage of the fishing vessel Chevelle – which crashed into the north jetty and sank and then broke apart later in the stormy surf.

– KATU News

Juneau restaurant owners to pay a high price for buying illegal halibut

The owners of Zen Restaurant will pay $18,000 for knowingly buying subsistence-harvested Pacific halibut to serve in their restaurant.

– Juneau Empire

Coast Guard pilot reprimanded for fatal crash

The U.S. Coast Guard's Alaska commander officially admonished Lt. Lance Leone, a Sitka-based aviator, for his role in a 2010 fatal helicopter crash. Three people died in the crash near La Push, Wash.


Alaskan Seafood Exports to China on the Rise

According to data released by the Governor's Office, China overtook Japan to become Alaska's largest trading partner in 2011.

– KUCB Unalaska

Run of river project kills fish

Rather than watch the Mamquam flow predictably to the sea, the biologists were dismayed to witness the water levels fluctuate wildly - and with dire consequences.

– Vancouver Sun

Fishing changes balance of species

Marine researchers estimate there are two billion tons of fish in the oceans, the equivalent of about 300 kilograms for every human on the earth. Sounds like plenty to go around.

– Vancouver Sun

Another hatchery vs. wild fight

Environmental groups say a federal plan to stock a major river on the Olympic Peninsula with hatchery fish after dams are removed violates the Endangered Species Act and will hurt native fish and inhibit the recovery of wild salmon.

– Courthouse News


Wednesday, March 21, 2012


The Exxon Valdez has been sold for scrap 23 years after causing the worst tanker spill in U.S. history.

– Bloomberg

Sea lion kill postponed

Oregon, Washington, and California have postponed startup of their plan to resume killing California sea lions at Bonneville Dam in light of a lawsuit.

—The Oregonian

Tsunami debris not radioactive

Researchers feel confident that, while debris found on shore might set off your Geiger counter, the level of radiation will be negligible.

– KMXT, Kodiak

Stunned at Guv's council nomination

"Overturning the Governor's recommendation is not an easy task."

– Pacific Fishing columnist Wesley Loy, reporting on his blog: Deckboss (scroll down)

Fishing demonstration in D.C.

Thousands of coastal recreational fishermen, business owners, commercial fishermen, charter boat, and party boat owners and others are expected to descend on Washington, D.C., for a rally calling for efforts to "Keep Fishermen Fishing."

– TradeOnlyToday

Broad effects from Cal nuke testing

The work will have significant impacts on air quality, land and marine animals, greenhouse gas emissions, land use, recreation and noise.

– San Luis Obispo Tribune

PenAir bugs out of Atka

Effective July 1, PenAir will no longer be flying to Atka or Nikolski – or at least they hope not.

– KUCB, Unalaska

Alaska halibut hits market

Halibut fillets are $19.95 per pound.

– Anchorage Daily News

Alaska rockfish complaint

Processors challenging the new Central Gulf of Alaska rockfish catch shares program have filed this amended complaint in federal court in Seattle.

– Pacific Fishing columnist Wesley Loy, reporting on his blog

Elwha Dam no more

"It's no longer there; there is nothing left of it."

– Seattle Times

Aleutian sea lion ruling appealed

Alaska and industry groups are challenging recent rulings upholding fisheries closures in the western Aleutians.

– KUCB, Unalaska


Thursday, March 22, 2012


Along the coast of the southern U.S. state of Georgia, jellyfish are a valuable export, which end up on dining tables across Asia.

– Voice of America

D.C. fishermen protest draws 1,000

Around 1,000 commercial and recreational fishermen from around the country gathered near the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday to call attention to the regulatory difficulties facing the fishing industry on the East and West coasts.

– South Coast Today, Gloucester, Mass.

Subsistence panel quiet

The Federal Subsistence Board for Alaska will not release its position on a village corporation's petition to take over management of nearby state fisheries.

– KCAW, Sitka

Court stops logging expansion

A federal court in Oregon formally struck down a Bush-era plan that abandoned scientific protections for federal public lands in western Oregon and would have opened up those lands to outdated boom-and-bust logging.

– Enews Park Forest

Alaska Fisheries Report

Coming up this week: The feds are taking a closer look at seafood fraud, the state will start monitoring personally harvested bi-valves for PSP, the Department of Labor declares fishing as the deadliest way to make a living in Alaska and the Senate is looking at a resolution to get more young folks into the industry. All that and Prince William Sound's Leviathan makes its last voyage.

– KMXT, Kodiak (scroll down)

Togiak herring to be late

The man who makes management decision about the Togiak sac-roe herring fishery anticipates a late start this year.

– KDLG, Dillingham

Bad news for geoduck divers

For the fifth consecutive week, the commercial geoduck clam fishery in Southeast Alaska is closed due to all harvest areas failing paralytic shellfish poison testing.

– Pacific Fishing columnist Wesley Loy, reporting on his blog: Deckboss

Open mouth, insert foot

Many aboriginal communities are "socially dysfunctional," and could benefit from developments that bring jobs and revenue to them.

– Vancouver Sun

Tough summer seen for Klamath

Another tough summer could be shaping up for salmon and farmers in the Klamath Basin of Southern Oregon and Northern California.

– Oregonian

Dry dock sinks, takes tug

The Coast Guard and Washington Dept. of Ecology were maintaining oversight of the response by Vigor Marine to a submerged dry dock and partially submerged tug at the company's shipyard in Everett.

– Coast Guard


Friday, March 23, 2012


Alaska Department of Fish & Game officials were expected to do another aerial survey Friday to look for herring.

– KCAW, Sitka

Sea lion killing may resume

Oregon state authorities can resume killing California sea lions that feast on endangered salmon bottled up at a dam on the Columbia River, but fewer than one-third as many as federal biologists previously had authorized.

– The Oregonian

Claim: Ocean policy good for you

Shortly before the National Ocean Policy was established, a firestorm broke out when a columnist for spread the unfounded rumor that the policy would close off large swaths of the ocean to fishing.

– National Resource Defense Council

Look out for sick seals

Federal and state wildlife biologists are seeking help from Alaska residents and visitors in finding out what is causing a disease among ice seals and walruses in the 49th state.

– Cordova Times

Coho recovery plans flawed

Representatives of the National Marine Fisheries Service told the Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors that they will reconsider several aspects of the NMFS coho salmon recovery plan based on concerns from the board and the public.

– Siskiyou Daily

'Responsible' mining

The proposed Pebble Mine and other potential mining projects in the Nushagak River watershed has prompted several tribes and local governments along the river to put together a guide for environmentally responsible mining.

– KDLG, Dillingham

Fracking in Alaska

Boosting oil production with "fracking" is likely to help Alaska get more oil out of older or other challenged resources.

– Juneau Empire

Sporties reject Chinook restrictions

Angry anglers gave Fisheries and Oceans representatives a rough ride with raucous objections to any cuts to the summer Chinook fishery in Juan de Fuca Strait.

– Victoria Times Colonist

Fisheries loan measure clears hurdle

Legislation aimed at increasing Alaskan ownership in the state's fisheries by enabling more residents to purchased limited entry commercial fishing permits cleared the House Finance Committee, and a vote on a House floor was expected soon.

– Cordova Times

Fishing crawfish in Tahoe

The commercial harvest of crayfish in Lake Tahoe is still a very real possibility and may kick off within the next couple of months — on both the California and Nevada sides of the lake.

– Tahoe Daily Tribune

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