Monday, April 6, 2015

Day of reckoning?

With oil revenue declining and budget cuts coming, Alaska legislators Seaton and Edgmon propose bringing back the state income tax.

Bristol Bay RSDA executive director gives notice

Ice clears early from Dillingham harbor

Former Dutch Harbor plant workers plead guilty in fatal fight

Missing fisherman's body found in Kodiak harbor

Kodiak sac roe herring fishery to begin April 15

Board of Fish appointee Ruffner passes first confirmation test

Alaska meetings set on albatross bycatch avoidance

Former warship sunk off B.C. coast to make artificial reef

Port of Astoria boatyard committee meets for first time

Invasive fish native to China found in San Joaquin River

Missouri bill would bar food stamp purchases of seafood, steak


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

First radioactivity arrives

Traces of radioactive isotopes from the Fukushima disaster have been detected on the B.C. shoreline, but the tiny levels pose no danger.

Prince William Sound sablefish quota cut by half

Restrictions planned to conserve Chilkat River kings

Alaska seafood industry faces big workforce challenges

10-hour Columbia River Chinook opener set for today

Feds likely to shut down sardine fishing on West Coast

UW study: Fishing amplifies forage fish collapses

Opinion: Karl Johnstone's 'amusing argument'

Opinion: Sardines are not being overfished


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Bristol Bay outlook

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game outlines regulatory changes for the 2015 salmon season and discusses the harvest forecast by district.


53 vessels sign up for Prince William Sound shrimp fishery

A recap of this year's oddly quiet Sitka herring fishery

'Basic watch standing' workshop set for Sat. in Port Townsend

Sardine shutdown could hurt Port of Ilwaco

Oregon to try new approach to fish passage mitigation

California market squid season now open


Thursday, April 9, 2015

Cool deal

Bristol Bay Economic Development Corp. plans to award refrigerated seawater systems to 10 village fishermen.


N. Pacific Council mulls Bering Sea salmon bycatch limits

Cook Inlet dipnet permit applications hit record high

Fish-filching whales frustrate sablefish longliners

B.C. roe herring gillnet fishery closes

B.C. seafood exports keep rising

Oregon shrimp fleet, processors agreed on pricing

Opinion: Don Young seeks to unwind Magnuson-Stevens

Opinion: Fish board should not have 'Anchorage' seat


Friday, April 10, 2015

Somber sockeye outlook

Oversupply is expected to push down prices this year.


'The Alaska Fisheries Report' from KMXT in Kodiak

A status report on Southeast Alaska dive fisheries

Bill to end daylight saving time in Alaska likely dead for now

Managers allowed overfishing of Fraser sockeye, critics say

A Canadian tuna update

Ilwaco port watching for furry invaders

Oregon Fish and Wildlife faces $32 million shortfall

Suspected tsunami debris boat towed to Newport, Ore.