Monday, May 9, 2011


The sac roe fishery at Togiak, historically the state’s largest herring harvest by weight, opened at 6 p.m. Sunday. The forecast calls for a potentially huge harvest of 24,805 tons.

– Pacific Fishing columnist Wesley Loy, writing in his blog: Deckboss

Key hearing set for today on Columbia salmon plan

U.S. District Judge James A. Redden has sunk two plans the federal government argued would allow it to operate hydroelectric dams in the Columbia River basin without jeopardizing the region’s wild salmon and steelhead. In Portland today, he holds what could be his last hearing in the salmon case, a final discussion of the government’s third try at a 10-year plan.

– The Oregonian

Federal suit seeks to close salmon fishery off Calif., Ore.

A group of San Joaquin Valley irrigation districts is demanding that the federal government close the just-revived commercial salmon season off the Oregon and California coasts, a move bound to further inflame relations between farmers and salmon fishermen.

– Los Angeles Times

‘When Crab Was King’

The Kodiak Maritime Museum has a new photo exhibit featuring the faces of 23 Alaskans who lived the boom years of the Kodiak king crab fishery, 1950-1982.

Arrowtooth flounder: for sale, but inedible?

Arrowtooth flounder, a highly abundant Gulf of Alaska fish, can now be found in Walmart. Consumers say yuck.

– Alaska Dispatch

What if you need a rescue in the Arctic?

U.S. and Canadian military commanders say they are examining their rescue capabilities in the Arctic as a shrinking ice cap brought about by climate change encourages more commercial traffic.

– Associated Press

Aleut Corp. denied intervenor status in Steller case

A federal judge has denied the Aleut Corp.’s motion to intervene in the Steller sea lion lawsuit.

– Pacific Fishing columnist Wesley Loy’s Deckboss blog

Blessed in Juneau: the fleet and the lost

Resurrection Lutheran Church Pastor Sue Bahleda spread wide her arms to bless the assorted vessels that motored off the Fishermen’s Memorial, and the names on the wall were read.

– Juneau Empire

Column: an inspiring lady

It was with great dismay that I learned Thursday that one of British Columbia’s greatest campaigners is thinking of calling it quits. Biologist Alexandra Morton has led the charge to force the province’s fish farms to be more environmentally responsible for almost 20 years.

– Nanaimo Daily News

Column: B.C.’s shark-infested waters

An estimated 20,000 blue and salmon sharks gather in a relatively small area each summer.

– The Globe and Mail


Tuesday, May 10, 2011


“I do want to emphasize that our results do not say the fish farms did play a role, it’s just that the fish passed the salmon farms and at some point after that, died,” researcher says.

– The Globe and Mail

Herring high up north

Norton Sound Economic Development Corp. and Icicle Seafoods Inc. have put together a deal to support a sac roe herring fishery in Norton Sound.

– Pacific Fishing columnist Wesley Loy’s Deckboss blog

What the heck is that?

Don’t be alarmed if you see a 400-foot-long floating platform on towering stilts with a gigantic radar dome on top making its way down Puget Sound.

– Three Sheets Northwest

Fish farmers take to the Web

The International Salmon Farmers Association describes itself as “a network of salmon farming associations from around the world who share a common vision for creating healthy food, healthy communities and healthy businesses.”

Oil spills don’t respect borders

Alaska, Washington and British Columbia are collaborating on transboundary oil spill response planning.


Smaller boats to be observed, but how?

The Alaska Longline Fishermen’s Association is spearheading research to determine if it’s practical to monitor bycatch electronically on some boats, rather than using human observers.

– KCAW radio, Sitka


Grim future for eulachon

A greasy little fish with major historical significance could be on its way to extinction in B.C. waters.

– Victoria Times Colonist



Wednesday, May 11, 2011


The captain of an oil industry tugboat that ran aground in December 2009 on Bligh Reef, spilling 6,410 gallons of diesel, was playing video games at the time of the mishap, a U.S. Coast Guard investigation has found.

– Pacific Fishing columnist Wesley Loy’s Deckboss blog

Deal struck to clear endangered species backlog

It’s a partial truce in the long-running battle between environmental groups and Fish and Wildlife Service officials, who say they lack the resources to add all the plants and animals that deserve protection to the federal endangered species list.

– The Washington Post


Ketchikan remains important to Coast Guard

About 100 Coast Guard personnel have departed Ketchikan in the last year. Even after that, federal officials estimate 280 jobs are dependent upon the Coast Guard in Ketchikan.

– Associated Press


California MPA decision expected soon

A long-awaited decision on Marine Protected Areas along the North Coast likely will be made by the California Fish and Game Commission at its next meeting.

– The Daily Triplicate


Tsunami aid coming for California fishermen

There are a few requirements for fishermen to be eligible for aid: have a current commercial fishing license, worked on a documented fishing vessel, worked out of Crescent City, and have lost income from tsunami damage to a vessel.

– The Daily Triplicate


Fishy fallout from Canada’s federal election

Prominent B.C. biologist Alexandra Morton was not even running in the federal election but she feels completely defeated by the election of Stephen Harper’s majority government.

– The Globe and Mail


Editorial: Farmers vs. fishermen only enriches lawyers

It is disingenuous for irrigators to suggest that fishermen can afford to sit on the sidelines year after year waiting for perfect salmon recovery.

– The Daily Astorian



Thursday, May 12, 2011


- San Jose Mercury News

NOAA Fisheries Service getting ready to update safety guidelines

- Newport News Times

Alaska Longline Fishermen’s Association to study electronic bycatch monitoring


Sea lion decline caused by limited food base

- Kodiak Daily Mirror

Land-based salmon farms here now

- Victoria Times Colonist

Winter king fishery finishes strong, spring fleet sets out

- Pacific Fishing columnist Laine Welch, reporting for Juneau Capital City Weekly

Fish council to act on chinook bycatch

- The Homer News


Friday, May 13, 2011


Alaska halibut is the second of Alaska’s major commercial fisheries to be awarded the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) Based Responsible Fishery Management Certification.

- FIS world news

First Salmon Opening of the Year Starts Monday

The first salmon season of the year is set to start on Monday. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game has scheduled the initial Copper River sockeye salmon opener for 7:00 a.m. on May 16.

- Alaska Pubic Radio Network

Fish council to act on chinook bycatch

A conflict is brewing between the Federal Subsistence Board and the North Pacific Fishery Management Council over king salmon bycatch in the Gulf of Alaska pollock fishery, a topic slated for final action at the council's June meeting in Nome.

- The Homer News

Coastal nations urged to preserve Arctic waters

Two hundred miles above Canada’s most northern shore lies a body of international water that has been covered in ice for more than 800,000 years – a sea the size of the Mediterranean kept beyond reach of commercial fishing interests by a vast frozen dome of white.

- The Globe and Mail

Alaska's seafood exports boomed in 2010

The total value of the state's seafood exports was $1.8 billion, making it the state's biggest export. According to the Alaska Office of International Trade, there was a 12% increase over the previous year.
- Pacific Fishing columnist Alexandra Gutierrez, reporting for KUCB, Unalaska

Experts discuss what is going on underwater

Experts in ocean conservation and biology will gather in Victoria this weekend to put marine environmental problems under the microscope.

Read more:

- Victoria Times Colonist

Alaska, Washington, British Columbia Collaborate on Transboundary Oil Spill Response Planning

The Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation announced the completion of a report that focuses on transboundary oil spills in the Alaska/British Columbia and British Columbia/Washington border areas.

- SitNews, Ketchikan

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