Monday, May 10, 2010

Alaska Gov. Wally Hickel dies

Wally Hickel, the former Alaska governor who died Friday, was always thinking big. And so I expect his sendoff will be big, too.

– Pacific Fishing columnist Wesley Loy, writing in his blog: Deckboss



Crew leaps into water in Homer vessel fire

A commercial fishing vessel – F/V Convey – caught fire about a mile out from the Homer Spit, leaving its occupants to jump into the water for safety.

– Homer Tribune


Natives: Protect Fraser kings

Shuswap Nation Tribal Council has joined other B.C. First Nations in calling for immediate and strong conservation measures to preserve dwindling stocks of early-run Fraser Chinook.

– Merritt (B.C.) News


Demur Togiak fishery coming soon

Historically, Alaska's biggest herring sac roe fishery by volume has been in Bristol Bay, near the remote village of Togiak.

– Pacific Fishing columnist Wesley Loy, writing in his blog: Deckboss


Pollock fleet pays for Yukon River study

Bering Sea pollock companies are paying for a study in which scientists at the University of Alaska Fairbanks will try to determine what's behind the decline of Western Alaska king salmon runs.

– Anchorage Daily News


Yukon River salmon receives culinary award

The story of wild Yukon River salmon claimed top honors last week from the James Beard Foundation at a celebrity-studded gala in New York City.

– Anchorage Daily News


B.C. walk for fish ends in Victoria

Nearly 1,000 people crowded Government Street yesterday in the culmination of a 500-kilometre walk to protest fish farms — which they say are killing B.C.’s wild salmon.

– Victoria Times-Colonist


Oil: Spill ends Cal off-shore drilling planning

Sadly, it required an ecological disaster unlike this nation has ever seen to make Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger understand that drilling for oil offshore is a deal with the devil.

– Eureka Times-Standard


Oil: More fisheries closed

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries announced Sunday it will be closing recreational and commercial fishing in further areas of state waters as a precautionary response to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.




Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Drug-resistant sea lice ‘inevitable’

It is almost inevitable that sea lice at B.C. salmon farms will become resistant to the chemical pesticide used to kill them, scientists at an international sea lice conference in Victoria said yesterday.

– Victoria Times-Colonist

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Norton Sound herring prices

The prices that Norton Sound herring sac roe fishers receive for their catches this spring will range from $140 to $280 per ton, depending on the percent of roe recovery.

– Nome Nugget


Glacier Fish to end cod effort

Glacier Fish Co. has decided to get out of cod fishing, John Eckels told the Norton Sound Economic Development Corp. at their board of directors meeting April 28 in Unalakleet.

– Nome Nugget


American Seafoods-Coastal Villages split

American Seafoods redeemed all of the outstanding equity interests of Coastal Villages in exchange for the pollock catcher-processor Northern Hawk, the freezer-longline vessels Lilli Ann, North Cape and Deep Pacific and certain fishing rights.

Pacific Fishing columnist Wesley Loy, writing in his blog: Deckboss


Columbia Chinook numbers moving up

The upper Columbia River's spring Chinook run evidently will be far stronger than the estimates used to set fishing seasons on the lower river but not quite strong enough to reopen sport fishing. Commercial gill-netters, however, may get more time on the mainstem Columbia.

– The Oregonian


Sperm whales cut B.C. fisherman’s harvest

Commercial fisherman Dave Boyes has pulled up his lines to find nothing but the shredded remains of a fish head often enough to know that whales are big fans of a free lunch.

– Winnipeg Free Press


Tribe: Protect Fraser Chinook run

The Shuswap Nation Tribal Council joins other First Nations in calling on the Department of Fisheries and Oceans to act now to protect early run Fraser Chinook.

– Clearwater (B.C.) Times-News


Activists urge Pebble Mine letters

This comes from the Renewable Resources Coalition Inc.

Mining interests are working hard to urge Governor Sean Parnell to veto the independent review of the proposed Pebble Mine site. Please call, e-mail, and write Gov. Parnell NOW. Tell him that objective, third-party research (i.e., research not funded by developing interests) is integral to securing the safety and future of Bristol Bay.

Phone: (907) 465-3500 for Juneau or (907) 269-7450 for Anchorage


Obama administration looks at
Sacramento River

The Obama administration on Monday set up a new task force to wrangle California water decisions, with long-term hopes of consolidating protections for smelt and salmon.

– Sacramento Bee



Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Copper River lunacy to begin

Think of it as Air Force One for some of the most coveted fish around: Alaska Airlines’ first 2010 shipment of Copper River Salmon, touching down Friday morning.

– Anthony’s press release


Snow crab price highest in a year

The snow crab leg markets are trading at some of their highest price levels in over a year.

– Food Marketing Institute


Oregon values stopped Columbia
gas port proposal

Should Oregonians and our elected leaders sit by and watch Texas-based energy companies degrade our farmland, forests and salmon? Of course not.

- Jack Marincovich, executive director of the Columbia River Fisherman's Protective Union, and others writing in The Oregonian


Chinook fishing banned in part of inlet

Following on the heels of last week's closure of the Chuitna, Theodore and Lewis rivers to anglers, commercial fish biologists at the Alaska Department of Fish and Game on Tuesday shut commercial king fishing in part of upper Cook Inlet.

– Anchorage Daily News


Togiak herring fishery has begun

With big schools of fish spotted in the area, fishery managers opened the Togiak herring sac roe fishery at 6 p.m. Tuesday. Gillnet boats are free to fish "until further notice," while seiners can fish for 76 hours, the Department of Fish and Game said.

–  Pacific Fishing columnist Wesley Loy, writing in his blog: Deckboss


San Pedro processor hit with charge

In the most recent prosecution, federal agents caught wind of rumors that a cannery located on "Cannery Street" in San Pedro, the sprawling harbor next to Los Angeles, was underreporting fish catches. Agents then audited the cannery, Tri Marine Fish Company, and compared landing receipts with shipping documents sending the catch primarily to Japan, the main buyer of Pacific sardines.

– Courthouse News


Fish farmers, activists work to stop sea lice

Ground zero for B.C.'s fish-farm battles is Broughton Archipelago, where salmon farms are bang in the middle of wild-fish migration routes. But it's also an area where aquaculture companies and environmental groups are tentatively working together for the first time.

– Victoria Times Colonist


Fish farmers, activists talk past each other

There was a face-off in a Parliament Hill committee room a few weeks before Alexandra Morton started her march to Victoria that illustrates how confusing the fish farm issue is.


Salmon farming is good for you

The world's demand for seafood is growing and wild stocks are being stretched to their limit. That's a reality that more and more people understand – and those people see the importance of salmon farming as part of long-term food security.







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