Tuesday, May 27, 2014


In a recent poll carried out in the U.K., half of the people questioned said they were not buying fish or seafood because it was too expensive.
– Seafood Source


Newfoundland cod prices higher

Prices for premium-quality cod are going up in Newfoundland, Canada this year, according to the province's Standing Fish Price-Setting Panel.

– SeafoodSource


China lifts clam ban

China has lifted a five month-long ban on live shellfish from U.S. West Coast waters.
– Alaska Public Media


Beware of underwater waves

These underwater waves, though seldom noticed, can rival skyscrapers in height and measure more than 100 miles wide.
– USA Today


Chinese eat lots of fish

New openings of high-end hotels and restaurants continue to drive consumption of seafood in China, with western style seafood buffets targeting middle class consumers growing in popularity.

– SeafoodSource


Garbage hidden by sea ice

A new study has found plastic debris in a surprising location: trapped in Arctic sea ice.

– Barents Observer, Norway


Columbia ship traffic to explode

That would more than double the annual number of oceangoing ships calling on lower river ports today.

– The (Longview, Wash.) Daily News


Dredging small port

Figuring out how to pay for the massive project without the federal government's help is the next step – one that has caused city officials to consider creating a special tax district to help pay for the work.

– Napa Valley Register, Napa, Calif.


New Aleutian fisheries

Next year will likely bring new fisheries to the western Aleutian Islands, now that the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) has issued its final report on the way commercial fishing affects an endangered population of Steller sea lions.

– Alaska Public Media


Alaska going broke

Some new data indicates that the state of Alaska's savings accounts could be drained in less than a decade unless a new revenue source is found.
– KDLG, Dillingham



Wednesday, May 28, 2014


A British fishermen's organization is blasting a proposal by the European Commission to ban driftnet fishing, saying better enforcement of current rules is the way to handle bycatch concerns.

– Seafood Source


Japan manages shrinking stocks

The government is urged to overhaul the current policy, which focuses on voluntary management by fishing entities, and consider the introduction of new measures such as a system that establishes catch quotas for individual fishing boats. 

– Japan Times


Farmers fight lice

The battle against salmon lice is being waged on many fronts, including the technological front.

– Phys.org


Invasive species find new route

For the first time in roughly 2 million years, melting Arctic sea ice is connecting the north Pacific and north Atlantic oceans.

– Phys.org


Fishing cause of whale deaths

A surge in humpback whale strandings in Western Australia is believed to be linked to the poor nutrition of the animals, veterinary researchers said on Wednesday.

– News 24, Australia


Commercial fishing in Iowa

They say they found two Muscatine men using commercial fishing nets and keeping crappies as part of their catch.

– KMA, Iowa


Chinese tilapia farm grows

China's leading tilapia processor is in bullish mood as it builds major new processing capacity and a new fish feed plant — part of a company plan to reduce costs through benefits of scale.

– Seafood Source


Uncertainties over Kuskokwim

In a typical year the first catch is a time of joy but this year it's bringing uncertainty.

– Alaska Public Media


Selling 2013 pinks

Salmon season is just getting underway, but seafood companies are still selling last summer's record catch of 226 million pink salmon – and it has prompted lots of creative thinking.

– Pacific Fishing columnist Laine Welch, writing for SitNews, Ketchikan


More Cal salmon trucks

Nearly 1 million juvenile Chinook salmon this week will get a truck ride from Red Bluff to San Pablo Bay as a detour around harmful Sacramento River conditions caused by drought.

– San Luis Obispo Tribune


Doc Hastings bill shortsighted

But this legislation is shortsighted and would recreate the circumstances that led to decades of decline and failures in rebuilding depleted fish populations.

– Pew Trusts



Thursday, May 29, 2014


As part of National Safe Boating Week, the United States Coast Guard is reinforcing its recommendations for marine band VHF radios.

– Seward Phoenix Log


Trawling damage revealed

While seeking funds to update one of the most productive commercial fishing ports in the state, the San Mateo County Harbor District is receiving pushback from a group of fishermen who say they no longer trust the district has their best intentions at heart.

– Mongabay.com


Threat of climate change

The global seafood industry is under threat from climate change and ocean acidification, and reducing CO2 emissions is required to safeguard the industy's future.

– New Orleans Time Picayune


Oceana report flawed

In their report, Oceana consistently presented the data in a way that magnifies alleged problems with bycatch, while minimizing references to successful and ongoing efforts to address unintended bycatch.
– Maritime Executive


Hire Alaskans for fishery

The state of Alaska, the University of Alaska, and representatives from the Alaskan fisheries, seafood and marine industries created a plan to increase the number of in state residents working in maritime careers.

– KDLG, Bristol Bay


Farms fight sea lice

The battle against salmon lice is being waged on many fronts, including the technological front. Simple and advanced solutions alike can be effective.

– TheFishSite


Ferry workers ready for strike

Alaska Marine Highway workers have authorized a strike, if the union and state can't agree on a new contract.

– KTOO, Juneau


Drugs in Unalaska

More than $10,000 worth of heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine was recovered from Dutch Harbor Asia.

– KUCB, Unalaska


Drilling wells in Cal

Many people who live in the Fresno area say water isn't flowing from their taps like it used to.

– Capitol Radio, Sacramento


Don't mess with hatcheries

The Northwest Power and Conservation Council – the powerful four-state entity that oversees hydropower operations in the Columbia-Snake system – is considering substantial cutbacks in salmon-hatchery operations.

– Daily Astorian


Dredging small ports

Small ports on the South Coast are a step closer to millions of dollars in new dredging funds, after the U.S. Senate overwhelmingly approved the conference report for the Water Resources Reform & Development Act of 2014.

– Coos Bay World



Friday, May 30, 2014


Seafood consumption in Japan has been declining in recent years as people shift to meat, which is generally cheaper and seen as easier to prepare.

– Japan Times


Cook Inlet case

A federal judge heard oral argument earlier this week in the lawsuit regarding whether Cook Inlet should be in a federal salmon management plan.

– Homer News


Fishing Cordova

Bill Webber and Bill Bailey are two longtime residents of Cordova, Alaska, whose livelihoods, and way of life revolve around the fishing industry.
– Huffington Post


Latest Magnuson Stevens bill

Alaska Congressman Don Young amended the bill to allow subsistence fishermen a voice on the North Pacific Fisheries Management Council.

– Alaska Public Media


Pacific Fishing columnist dies

Longtime Alaska freelance journalist Bob Tkacz has died. He was 61.

– Alaska Public Media


CG medevacs fisherman

A Coast Guard Air Station Sitka MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter crew medevaced a 68-year-old man who fell ill aboard the 35-foot fishing vessel Northern Star docked in Point Baker on Prince of Wales Island, Thursday.

– Coast Guard


Bethel wants say in management

The group intends to push for co-management of salmon stocks and more direct involvement for tribal fisherman.

– Alaska Public Media


Class for Bristol Bay fisheries

Commercial fishermen in Bristol Bay are eligible to take some free safety training in the region in early June.
– KDLG, Dillingham


Designing new Unalaska harbor

Designs for the new Bobby Storrs Small Boat Harbor are more than halfway done. But it wasn't too late for Unalaska's city councilors to offer input on the harbor's new configuration this week.

– KUCB, Unalaska


Tracking enfeebled king salmon

A major breakthrough in genetic "fin-printing" could help conserve weak stocks of Chinook salmon.

– Pacific Fishing columnist Wesley Loy, writing in his blog, Deckboss


Prepare for B.C. gas port

Roger Harris says it's time for Prince Rupert to brace for major changes as LNG investment proposals exceed $50 billion for the area.

– Northern View, Prince Rupert



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