Monday, July 20, 2015

Salmon notes

The Southeast Alaska summer troll Chinook season is done, and pink salmon seiners set a record in Prince William Sound.

Alaska justices affirm rejection of ‘Save Our Salmon’ initiative

Petersburg radio station sounds out cannery workers

Canada allocates offshore Pacific hake quota

Ex-investigator convinced hull damage sank the Arctic Rose

Port of Newport lands its man

Mallott: Alaska engaging all parties on B.C. mining issue


Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Red Lobster’s Alaska partnership

The world’s largest seafood restaurant company features wild-caught Alaska crab and salmon, and puts the ASMI logo on its menus.

Brief Chinook season no surprise to Alaska trollers

Alaska’s Susitna dam project inches forward

Appeal process established for B.C. skate ITQ allocations

Gillnetters get another crack at big Columbia Chinook run

Washington asks public to report drought-stranded fish

Authorities mount N. Calif. marijuana cultivation crackdown

How America is downgrading its seafood supply


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Settling up

With the Bristol Bay fishing season at an end, at least one major processor is sending its gillnetters home with a base payment of 50 cents per pound for their sockeye catches.

Rival processors reach deal to end MSC salmon conflict

Norton Sound king crab fishery nears full quota, to close Friday

DFO provides update on Fraser River sockeye run

Groups to sue over federal fish hatchery at Leavenworth, Wash.

Hearing set on West Coast Dungeness, salmon predation bills

CG rescue swimmer aids crew of boat grounded off southern Ore.

Crescent City man gets jail in case of selling sport-caught fish

Editorial: Censoring the legacy of Ted Stevens


Thursday, July 23, 2015

Maruha Nichiro in the village

A community development quota company hosts executives from the Japanese seafood giant on a tour of Alaska’s outback.

Bristol Bay fishermen react to poor prices

Chums flood Western Alaska as buyers struggle to keep up

Yukon Chinook escapement goals met

‘A Handy Field Guide to the Nearshore Marine Fishes of Alaska’

B.C. withholds key permit from transboundary mine

The surprising importance of how we label the fish we eat

Commentary: Harper throws B.C. marine safety overboard


Friday, July 24, 2015

Alaska Board of Fisheries to meet today

The board will consider an emergency petition from salmon gillnetters in Bristol Bay’s Togiak fishing district.

Shutdown order issued for polluting northern B.C. mine

Costco turns away from Chilean farmed salmon due to antibiotics

Naknek celebrates grand opening of new museum

Mallott to host B.C. mining minister next month

NOAA to help Washington analyze toxic algae bloom

Early outbreak of ‘ick’ disease raises Klamath salmon worries