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Summary for December 22 - December 26, 2008:

Monday, December 22, 2008

Here’s what North Pacific Council did concerning crab ratz

Here’s the full motion the North Pacific Fishery Management Council passed to possibly overhaul the crab rationalization program. Fair warning – this a tedious read. – Pacific Fishing columnist Wesley Loy writing as The Highliner for the Anchorage Daily News

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Ex-crabber finds new work as California monster yacht

In the big-boy, big-ego world of big-game sportfishing, the toys don't get much larger than the 160-foot Pacific Provider, home of the Eastern Pacific Yacht Club.

Built in 1978 as a supply boat for oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico and then used in Alaska as a commercial crab boat like the ones on the TV show “Deadliest Catch,” the Pacific Provider now produces the “Friendliest Catch.”

It's a floating country club, fuel dock and boat yard, all on a mothership for boat owners or sportfishermen who want the comfort of a hometown marina while fishing in exotic waters like Magdalena Bay. The boat comes equipped with 33- and 26-foot sport boats that are off-loaded for fishing, a 21-foot inflatable for scuba divers, a couple of kayaks, two Jet Skis, diving gear and surfboards. – San Diego Union Tribune

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Results from the Alaska Board of Fish meeting

The Alaska Board of Fisheries meetings were extended by one day and ended on Dec. 8.
A summary follows of some of the proposals involving commercial, subsistence and personal use fisheries. – Cordova Times

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Deadliest catch now off Northwest coast

NEWPORT -- The Discovery Channel may want to rethink the title of its popular show "Deadliest Catch." The latest numbers confirm that the deadliest crab fishery is not Alaska's but Oregon's Dungeness crab fishery. – The Oregonian

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We’re outta here

The Fish Wrappers will take a few days off to celebrate the holidays. We’ll be back in your face on Monday, Dec. 29. Until then, be safe.