Monday, December 23, 2013


The skipper of a fishing boat that has trawled Monterey Harbor for decades says he's been docked since spring, unable to earn a living.

– The Republic, Columbus, Ohio


Brutal fish politics

"Fish politics is pretty brutal."

– Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell, quoted by Andrew Jensen in Homer News


Questions for new trawl rules

Early reports show the program has helped the Pacific groundfish fleet as a whole. 

– Juneau Empire


Pathway to death

One blue-dark hour after midnight, a Coast Guard rescue diver in the Bering Sea grins his dimpled, manly grin at me from a TV show on the dangers of commercial fishing and cheerfully exclaims, "These are the major leagues of death!"

– High Country News


Russ says Norway fish are filthy

Russian veterinarians who recently returned from a visit to Norway are unsatisfied with the Norwegian state system of food safety control and want to stop all import of fresh fish and fish products from the country.

– Barents Observer


Nice payout for CDQ group

It manages commercial fish harvests on behalf of a group of Bering Sea villages in the area of the Kuskokwim River delta.

– Pacific Fishing columnist Wesley Loy, writing in his blog, Deckboss


Marine debris hotline cold

The 1-855-WACOAST state hotline set up for reporting marine debris will be taken off-line December 31.

– KXRO, Aberdeen


Killing owls to save owls

An experiment to see if killing invasive barred owls will help the threatened northern spotted owl reverse its decline toward extinction is underway in the forests of Northern California.

– The Oregonian


Oiled birds washing up

Two dead, oil-covered seagulls have been found off the coast of St. Lawrence Island.
– Ellen Lockyer, Alaska Public Media


China bans NW shellfish

State officials say their records don't show the same unsafe toxin levels that were detected by a lab in China.

– Alaska Public Media


Merry Christmas

We'll cease publication until next week, friends. As for our exact ETA, depends on when the world gets back to business. See ya!!!