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Scientists at the University of Alaska Fairbanks have been studying the waters in the Gulf of Alaska and found that the warmer than normal temperatures are averaging one to five degrees warmer than the September average of 55-57 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Fatalities in B.C. vessel rollover

The sole survivor of a fishing accident early Saturday morning told his boss that he managed to climb over the boat's railing as it rolled over and he thinks his crewmates, who are presumed drowned, became trapped in the lower level of the boat.

– Times Colonist

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Russian vessel incident sparks debate

The vessel was carrying hundreds of tonnes of fuel when it lost power Thursday, sparking concerns it would create an environmental disaster if it ran aground, and prompting concern from New Democrats and Liberals over the prospect of a dramatic increase in supertankers plying the same waters.

– Vancouver Sun

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Injured crewman medevaced

A U.S. Coast Guard helicopter yesterday hoisted an injured crewman off the fishing vessel Icy Mist about 150 miles southeast of Sand Point.

– Pacific Fishing Editor Wesley Loy, writing in his blog: Deckboss

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Alaska saw lower peak season salmon prices

Every four months Alaska processors provide price reports for how much they sold various salmon products at wholesale by region. For the peak of the season from May through August, most prices were lower than at the same time last year.

– Alaska Fish Radio

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Low chum harvests affect market

The chum salmon market is puzzling buyers globally this season as harvests are lower than expected.

– The Fish Site

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Herring biomass predicted to grow

The forecasted biomass for next year is 163.4-thousand tons. That's up from this year's forecasted biomass of 157.4-thousand tons. The total allowable harvest of the Togiak herring biomass is set at 20-percent, which equals out to 32.6-thousand tons. 


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Celebrating Seattle's Fishermen's Terminal

The terminal is the largest commercial moorage facility on the West Coast — and the only freshwater one. The boats you see heading there from the locks are all of the commercial fishing fleet of Washington, Oregon and even Alaska, dropping off their hauls, and using the incredibly complex array of facilities.

– Seattle Refined

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