Gunnar Knapp's Salmon Market

At ComFish: World markets shifting against wild salmon 04/05/12

Western Fishboat Owners Association Statement - 04/02/12


Halibut Press Release

Canada Kept Detection of Salmon Virus Secret - 12/13/11

Catch Shares - 12/05/11

ISA Background - 10/11/11

Steve Minor - 10/18/11

Bristol Bummer - 07/19/11

AMCC News Release: Chinook Bycatch - 06/13/11

AMSEA News Release: NIOSH - 06/01/11

PLEASE HELP! Funding Repeal Possible: NIOSH - 03/18/11


B.B.R.S.D.A. Video

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Fishermen to be paid
Fishermen not to be paid
Carlson address form


Tsunami Awareness for Fishermen and Mariners


March 11, Japan Earthquake and Tsunami


Portuguese North Atlantic Fishing


Alaska Ranger Coast Guard Report


Consumer Reports Retort

Guam Marine Reserve Drownings

2011 Bristol Bay Forecast

Trawl Complaint

Safety Coast Guard Authorization

Shell's Oil Spill Plan for Alaska's Arctic

B.C. oil poster

Bristol Bay Handling

Tonnage Guild

UFA and Healthcare

NTSB Ranger Report

Cat Food

Death off Tillamook Bar

Chilean Contamination History

Chile Salmon Report

Insecticides — It's What's for Dinner


Chinook Bycatch Environmental Statement

Alaska Cucumber Report

Puget Sound Chum Decision

ADF&G Over-escapement Report

CG new rule proposal

UFA CG new rule response

Fuel Price Petition?

Got Exxon money? Don't be stupid

New Pacific Salmon Treaty

HR 2133: Fuel Cost Tax Credit

The Alaska Ranger mayday call

The story of Iron Mike

Rutgers Report: Market for Wild Seafood

Sitka herring

Overstated Obituary for Commercial Fishing

Click to read portions of an article about what Professor Ray Hilborn calls faith-based fisheries.

Pink salmon eat everything

Gillnet Ban III 01/13

Gillnet rules not as bad 01/13

U.S./Canada Albacore treaty 01/13

Letter for Vendors to send to Legislators 04/14

2014 Winning Limerick by Peter Hamill from Accrington, England


Hans Radtke, Ph.D.
Natural Resource Economist


Drought Bill S. 2198