Monday, October 13, 2014


A group of 30 scientists meeting in South Korea warned fishing countries, and especially those in the Caribbean, of the increasing ocean acidification.

– Fish Information and Services

Fish farm would be a U.S. first

Rose Canyon Fisheries, a collaboration between Hubbs-SeaWorld and Cuna del Mar, has applied for permits from a series of state and federal agencies to open the first commercial operation of its kind in the United States' exclusive economic zone.

– Times of San Diego

Fisherman joins Cordova Council

In 2014, Hoover bought into commercial fishing, purchasing a gill net boat and permit. "I look at my boat and it makes my heart soar," says Hoover.

– Cordova Times

Fight to keep Newport's CG copter

The group "Newport Fishermen's Wives" has gathered more than 10,000 signatures in little more than a week on a petition to keep the copter at Newport.

– The Worldlink

Climate change may affect salmon spawning

The U.S. Forest Service is trying to understand how fish spawning in streams around Lake Tahoe might be affected by climate change. This is a good year to see some of the impacts.

– Capital Public Radio

Profile of Bristol Bay ballot measure

Ballot Measure 4, sponsored by the group Bristol Bay Forever, asks voters to give the Alaska legislature final say on any large oil, gas and mining projects in the 36,000 square miles of the Bristol Bay Fisheries Reserve.

– Sitnews

Canadian cod market lacking

A former federal and provincial fisheries minister says it's time to expand the commercial cod quota, but local fishermen say there's no market for the product. 


Processor faces late fish ticket charges

Seattle-based seafood company Trident Seafoods was in Ketchikan District Court last week to face 20 counts of late fish tickets.



Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Millions of sockeye salmon are returning to the Adams River near Kamloops in one of the most spectacular displays of natural beauty in the world.

– CBC News

Fishing perils recounted

Veterans of Alaska's commercial fishing industry will shudder and remember, while those who have never experienced the perils of harvesting on the high seas will get a reality check on why the capture of wild seafood may pose danger at any turn.

– Cordova Times

Protest at B.C. mine

A nearly-completed British Columbia mine in the Stikine River watershed is expected to begin full production at the end of this month. Meanwhile, protesters blocking access to the controversial Red Chris mine may be forced out Tuesday.


Inspection void at Mount Polley mine

The B.C. government conducted only five geotechnical inspections of about 60 open and closed mines in 2010 and 2011, according to statistics provided by the B.C. Ministry of Energy and Mines. None of the five government inspections took place at Imperial Metals' Mount Polley gold and copper mine.

– Vancouver Sun

Saving salmon with forest regrowth

Forests along the river are good for salmon because trees bring shade and sediment control. The regrowth plan is complex and intricate but involves a fascinating tale of two animals working together.

– K5

Crab market update

Rob Reierson gives a king, snow and dungeness crab market update.

– The Fish Site

Study: Fish thrive at SoCal Oil rigs

Oil platforms off the Southern California coast are some of the world's most productive marine fish habitats, according to a new study published today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

– U.C. Santa Barbara Current

Deal edges out U.S. tuna fleet

New Zealand's tuna sector representatives voiced concern after learning that Kiribati has settled a fishing deal with China and Taiwan without telling the rest of the Pacific Nations and will force most of the American tuna fleet out of its vast waters.

– Fish Information and Services


Wednesday, October 15, 2014


NOAA and American Seafoods Company (ASC) this week agreed to settle three civil enforcement cases involving flow scales on board the ASC's fishing vessels.


Alaska salmon summary released

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game has released its summary report for the 2014 commercial salmon fishing season. Continued low king salmon numbers and new management tools were at the heart of this year's fishing.

– Alaska Public Media

Feds faulted on acidification

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) is calling out federal agencies for not implementing part of a 2009 law meant to reduce ocean acidification.

– The Hill

Cook Inlet saw low catch, high value

If measured in sheer volume of fish, the Upper Cook Inlet commercial harvest of salmon was low: preliminary Fish and Game estimates show it at about 20 percent less than the 10-year average harvest. But, when price-per-pound is factored in, the exvessel value of the 2014 harvest was high at $35 million.

– Peninsula Clarion

Will Navy's training harm salmon?

It is not unreasonable to ask the Navy to postpone this expansion of the training exercises until they have more information what the impacts will be on our salmon and all other marine wildlife.

– Cordova Times

UFA honors late fishing journalist

The United Fishermen of Alaska has inducted the late journalist Bob Tkacz into its Hall of Fame.

– SFGate

Report details fish supply decline

The trends observed in the UK, of falling domestic supply and an increased reliance on imports, are emblematic of many other developed nations. Europe imports 55 per cent of the fish it consumes, while America imported 91 per cent last year.


Video: Sea lion rampage on Russian boat

Commercial fishermen aboard a Russian boat discovered they caught a large sea lion inside one of their nets. Their attempt to free the rather unhappy large mammal was caught on video.

– Fox 5


Thursday, October 16, 2014


Mailboxes across the Bristol Bay region have been filling up in recent days with the 36-page annual report from the community development quota organization that represents the region.

High hopes for Bering Sea crab season

Fish & Game biologist Heather Fitch says Bairdi seem to have bounced back: "If you compare it to the whole history of this stock, it's at one of its peak biomasses," she says.


CA water bond debate

Proposition 1, advocates say, signals new hope for water problems that have plagued the state for decades. But Collins, head of the San Francisco Crab Boat Owners Association, isn't persuaded.

– Courthouse News Service

SE Alaska escapement goals change

For some southeast Alaska salmon stocks, goals for escapements - the number of fish allowed to swim free during fishing season to spawn - have changed to maximize the fish populations in those runs.

– Juneau Empire

Cook Inlet summary rescinded, corrected

At issue is a portion of the summary that lists the number of sockeye estimated to have passed into their spawning beds on several rivers, lakes and creeks in the Cook Inlet.

– Peninsula Clarion

Columbia advisory groups seek nominees

Washington and Oregon fishery managers are seeking nominations through Nov. 14 for candidates to serve on Columbia River sport and commercial fishing advisory groups.

– The Columbian

ADFG seeks answers on King decline

The state of Alaska is spending millions of dollars to try and solve the mystery of what's happening to the king salmon population. For the past decade, the fish have been returning to Alaskan rivers and streams in ever dwindling numbers.


Alaska gets salmon 'book drop'

Folks who enjoy salmon-themed literature will be pleased to know they'll have an opportunity to score a free book this fall.


Friday, October 17, 2014


Fishing vessels between 40 and 57.5 feet in length will carry marine observers on a trip-by-trip basis next year under a change recommended by the North Pacific Fishery Management Council.

– Alaska Journal of Commerce

Hefty Togiak herring haul predicted

A huge volume of herring is expected again next spring at Togiak, with the forecast calling for a potential harvest of 29,012 tons in the sac roe fishery.

– Pacific Fishing Editor Wesley Loy, writing in his blog: Deckboss

B.C. steps up roe marketing

The Canadian Pacific Kazunoko Association will receive CAD 614,068 (USD 544,440) over three years to brand and market salted and flavoured kazunoko, also known as herring roe, to buyers in Japan, China and Taiwan. Kazunoko is a symbol of fertility and prosperity that has long been a ceremonial New Year's food in Japan.

– Fish Information and Services

Bristol Bay processing grant program expands

The Community Development Quota organization for the Bristol Bay region has made a significant change to the biggest pot of money it can give out at one time.


Alaska Fisheries Report

Coming up this week, the United Fishermen of Alaska announced its Fishermen of the Year and Hall of Fame awards; we've got a wrap up of the Cook Inlet salmon season, and the plan to eradicate pike from the Kenai Peninsula is finally moving forward. 


Navy training comment period nears close

The public comment period for the latest Supplemental EIS closes next week. These exercises are conducted in some of the Alaska's key fish habitats, so environmental concerns have been raised.

– Alaska Public Media

Aerial surveys aid CA fisheries management

Boat-based groundtruthing confirmed the accuracy of aerial fish identification, and provided critical biological and environmental data.

– California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Alaska, Iceland unite

Alaska and Iceland are often mentioned together as the as the world leaders in seafood sustainability, and are in the beginning stages of developing strong seafood business relationships as well.

– Alaska Dispatch News

Kenai lobbies for BOF presence

By the time the Alaska Board of Fisheries holds its next meeting on Upper Cook Inlet fisheries, it will have been nearly 20 years since its members have chosen to do so on the Kenai Peninsula.

– Peninsula Clarion


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