Monday, November 19, 2012


Alaska's salmon harvest and value for 2012 came in well below last year, dropping 21 percent and 30 percent, respectively.

– Pacific Fishing columnist Laine Welch, writing in SitNews, Ketchikan

Windstorm closes Oregon bars

The Coast Guard Capt. of the Port, Sector Columbia River, closed the Columbia River and Depoe Bay bars due to hazardous conditions.

– Coast Guard

Chum good in B.C.

A commercial fish opening off Cowichan Bay has netted 150,000 chum salmon for the market, making it the most successful opening in years.

– Vancouver Sun

D-crab: $3 a pound

Crab fishermen will get $3 a pound for their catch, meaning retail consumers may pay more than twice that.

–, San Rafael

Herring roe for Sweden

The bounty of fish mark the height of the lake herring season on Lake Superior, where for about six weeks every October and November, thousands of the silvery fish, also called cisco, are pulled from the icy waters.

– Post Bulletin, Minnesota

Dry salmon farm

What's different about these fish is that they will never swim in the ocean, never come in contact with wild salmon, and never be treated for sea lice.

– Vancouver Sun

Fines for ammonia leak

That added up to $50,000 in fines for the seafood company that owns the vessel.

– KUCB, Unalaska

Grounded barge report

According to the state's latest situation report, vessels are transiting to the Cold Bay area to offload the refrigerated shipping containers on a barge that ran aground.

– Pacific Fishing columnist Wesley Loy, reporting on his blog: Deckboss

The end of gillnetting?

The proposal, which would phase out gill nets on the main stem of the Columbia River by 2017, was a response to a letter Gov. Kitzhaber wrote on Aug. 9 to find a "long term solution to divisive conflicts that occur between recreational and commercial fisheries over the allocation of harvests as well as the use of gill nets in non-tribal main stem commercial fisheries."

– Seaside Signal

Tribe says Klamath too low

After a record salmon year on the Klamath River, the Hoopa Valley Tribe is voicing concerns that low water flows this winter will harm the fish, especially the endangered coho salmon.

– Eureka Times Standard


Tuesday, November 20, 2012


The debris field – stretching roughly 2,000 miles across the ocean and 500 miles from north to south – is only about 400 miles offshore.

– Everett Herald

Cal squid to close

The Department of Fish and Game will close the commercial fishery for market squid at noon on Nov. 21.

– Lake County (Calif.) News

See it from observers' eyes

The 24-minute video, filmed on location, features crab observers Steve Brown, Sara Slaughter, and Mike Todd, working aboard the Pro Surveyor and the Time Bandit, in their everyday duties and life at sea collecting fisheries data.

– Cordova Times

Pebble miners name new exec

Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd. announces that the Pebble Limited Partnership has appointed Dan Easton as vice president of environment to lead the Pebble Project's environmental program, including permitting and environmental studies.

– Sacramento Bee

Pebble may trip over lake seals

A population of Pacific harbor seals living in an Alaska lake could be another hurdle for developers proposing a massive open-pit copper and gold mine.

– Juneau Empire

Next round of Bristol Bay regs

Among the proposals the Board will consider next month are two that could impact duel permit drifters.

– KDLG, Dillingham

Sheen from grounded vessels

A light sheen has been spotted near two vessels that grounded near Cold Bay.

– KUCB, Unalaska

Refrigeration workshop in King Salmon

Bay area fishermen are invited to participate in the one-day onboard refrigeration workshop that will be held in King Salmon on Dec. 3.

– SitNews, Ketchikan

Firmer farmed fish

By making use of new gene technology methods in quality research in his PhD project, Thomas Larsson points to the fact that the key to a firmer fillet lies in efficient metabolism of nutrients in the cells, and that this is determined by the genes in the fish.


Embezzler hits fisherman

A commercial fisherman stated that from January 2012 through October 2012, a bookkeeper (suspect) stole tens of thousands of dollars from him.

–, Shoreline, Wash.


Wednesday, November 21, 2012


"Pick the worst place on the planet for a giant strip mine, in the heart of America's wildest and most productive ecosystem. That's exactly where one is planned."

– Audubon magazine


First: Save gillnet jobs

The problem is, despite the work of Gov. John Kitzhaber to mediate a longstanding conflict between commercial and recreational fishing interests, there might not be much middle ground here to claim.

– Albany Herald and News


Pollock pointing up

We could well see an increase in the catch limit for Bering Sea pollock next season.

– Pacific Fishing columnist Wesley Loy, reporting on his blog: Deckboss


Needed: Accurate halibut creel count

And since there are only about 430 licences for halibut, with a lot of the quota holders leasing them out and not even fishing, keeping track is much easier than trying to keep track of about 230,000 sports fisherman spread all along the coast.



Feds must fish or cut bait

Something is fishy indeed about the federal government's overtly two-faced approach to B.C.'s salmon industry.

– Victoria Times Colonist


Not pleased with wave power

Oregon Coast commercial and sport fishermen were not a happy group as they were pressured to give up more valuable fishing areas to accommodate future wave energy devices, many of which are not yet fully designed, manufactured or tested.
– The Oregonian


New observer rules coming

NOAA Fisheries will implement a new fisheries observer program for Alaska's commercial groundfish and halibut fisheries beginning Jan. 1.


Catch shares save fishermen

"Good weather was a bad thing. If the weather was good, the price was bad because everyone was fishing."

– National Geographic


Glacier water changes sea chemistry

Glacial runoff, glacial meltwater has very low carbonate minerals, these minerals that the organisms are using the build their shells.

– KCAW, Sitka


Be thankful

On Thursday and Friday, the Fish Wrap Clan will gather close to the family hearth and be thankful that we have time off to be thankful. We'll also be thankful that we'll be at Fish Expo next week in Seattle and will have a chance to meet you. We'll be in Booth 626. See ya'.


Thursday/Friday, November 22-23, 2012

Thanksgiving holiday. No Fishwrap.


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